3 key concepts every software robot developer needs to know

Anatomy of a robot file: The instructions your robot will dutifully execute
an easy to remember sytax that is easy to grok and adopt

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Remember these things!


The settings section typically contains documentation, possibly some libraries, and references to other files. This robot contains only documentation


Instead of writing directly the value of the URL of the website we want the robot to open, we can put that value in a [variable]


Think of keywords as functions in other programming languages. Keywords are operations that your robot can execute various task, and are the foundation of any robot script


Keywords are the building blocks of robots, and libraries will get your more keywords. but a robot done nothing if you don’t assign it a Task.

.robot files are text files. Opening them in Robocode Lab in Notebook mode adds the possibility of running your robot directly from the user interface and enables more advanced ways of working on your robot code.a

Our platform is powerful

We are based on the popular,
modular, Open-source Robot Framework

5 modular layers that are readily understandable and use a simple syntax


Data is the information that is needed to run the task: settings, Variables, Task, Keywords, Comments

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Robot Framework

Robot Framework processes the data and executes automation task and generates logs and reports

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Libraries provide the actual automation by providing keywords and instructions to the Robot Framework. These are modular and self-made or bundled

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3 key concepts every software robot developer needs to know

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Fast -food Chain Location

When you register to Robocloud, you get your own workspace. When working with other developers, you will want to create a common workspace processes are created into workspaces.


The Order

To run a software roboto in Robocloud, you execute a process are created within workspaces, and users need to have access to a workspace to execute and edit the processes contained in it. When creating a process, you will choose contained in it. When creating a process, you will choose which activities are executed, in  which order, and by which worker.


The stove and food prep area,
purpose-built for efficiency

An activity is a reusable part of process that can be executed in isolation of other activities. you can configure a process to run multiple activities in sequence. An activity can be run only by one worker.

Activity Package

Add cheese, Lettuce, tomato, beef

You can import your activities into Robocloud that follow the activitiy structure guidelines. A pakcage can include more than one activity. Acitivities in the same package can easily share code and needed data.


The person (or robot!) that does the work quickly, efficiently

The processes and activities that Robocloud controls are ultimately run by Robocloud Workers. A worker can be a cloud worker ( a Docker container), or a local worker, running on a Windows, macOS, or Linux Machine. One Robocloud Worker executes one activity for one work item at a time in an isolated environment

Work Item

The beef patty where it all started: you can’t just give someone a beef patty!

Activities in the same process can share data during their execution, thanks to the concept of Work Item. each activity execution receives a work item from the prveious activity and passes it forward to the next one.


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