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Our Story

As Software Robot Developers, we are born creators. Experimenters. Thinkers and doers. Makers of things with a noble cause — liberating humans to use their energy on what’s important at work.

Our tools should put the power to do so in our hands. But we have been given expensive, locked-down and brittle buzz-killers chosen by people far removed from development.

Top down from CIOs won't do it.

There is no openness. There are no places to share knowledge, hubs to study, no sense of community or learning from each other. We’re all tied to our corporate grindstones.

And that says nothing about regular people, who work with tools unfit for the job. It’s impossible to ignore all the hours, days and human potential wasted doing what software robots could do.

Robocorp is different.

We believe in returning the power to create right at your fingertips. That’s why our tools are built by developers for developers. It’s a smooth platform that you can start using immediately. Streamlined tools that help you create, experiment, learn and share.

We put developers first, because we believe in the power of a community of like-minded pioneers, willing to break new ground.

The demand for automating digital routines is limitless. It’s an opportunity of vast proportions for personal and professional development. The time to harness the power of Software Robots is now.

The rest is up to you.

Management Team

Antti Karjalainen

CEO, co-founder

Teppo Koskinen

CTO, co-founder

Jouko Ahvenainen

COO, co-founder

Sampo Ahokas

VP of Engineering, co-founder

Alisa Wilska

Head of HR

Janne Aukia

Head of Design

Hanna Kettunen

Head of Product

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