AI is not possible without Automation

If you think of AI as the intelligent brains of processing data, then automation is the hands.

Robocorp named OneOffice Hot Vendor by HFS Research

HFS Research included Robocorp among its Hot Vendors in its Q1 2021 report

Why Python is the native language of automation

While many languages can be used in automation, we outline why Python and automation are a perfect match.

Why do RPA projects fail? Automation is what we make of it

11 out of 12 automation projects fail. Robocorp's COO explores why and outlines a better path forward.

New useful features in Robot Framework 4 for automation developers

Robot Framework 4 introduces useful new features for automation developers: native IF / ELSE IF / ELSE conditional execution, nested control structures, skipping tasks on condition, and more!

What is open source RPA? The tools & technology explained

Automation makes your team more efficient and your life easier. But what is the value of open source RPA in particular?

Low-code and citizen-development are trending again – beware!

Robocorp COO Jouko Ahvenainen warns of a citizen developer fully replacing software developers, arguing that some jobs need to be left to professionals.

Robocorp continues to gain praise and recognition from variety of trusted voices

Trusted voices in the technology, startup, and RPA communities are taking notice at Robocorp's reimagining of automation.

4 ways to use automation in accounting

With its manual processes and repetitive tasks, accounting is the perfect place to bring automation to your business.

Robocorp announces key hires on North American go-to-market team

Robocorp is building its commercial team to bring its enterprise offering to market.

Announcing: Robot Assistants at your service!

Find out why and how to create and use human-in-the-loop automations with the help of Robot Assistants.

Automation developer interview

Automation developer: What skills should you learn to spend your valuable time wisely? What are the practical things that an automation developer works on in their daily life? What things should you consider before starting on the path?

Automation vendor lock-in: How to deal with it?

What is automation vendor lock-in, what can it cause, and how to deal with it? 🔐 😎

The Core Skills of a Successful Developer

As with many professions, a developer needs many skills to be successful. Some of the skills are universally useful to all developers, no matter the problem, the domain, or the technology involved. These skills will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Empower Your Best People With Desktop Automation

Automating your desktop-based business workflows frees your best people to help with other important matters! Grab a cup of liquid and see how Robocorp's desktop automation can empower your employees and business!

Next-Generation Browser Automation With Playwright and Robocorp

Modern browser automation with Robocorp and Playwright-based Robot Framework Browser is here!

Cross-platform desktop automation with Robocorp and image templates

Cross-platform image-based automation (Windows, Linux, and macOS). Sounds too good to be true? Let us introduce Robocorp image template matching!

Announcing the Robocorp Cloud API

Integrate your robot workforce into your existing infrastructure with the new Robocorp Cloud API capabilities!