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Robocorp Launches ReMark💬, a Generative AI Assistant for Automation Developers

ReMark💬, Robocorp’s chatbot assistant for code development makes creating automations faster and easier for developers.

Digital transformation developer with code

The Role of RPA In a Digital Transformation Strategy

Automation should play a key role in any organization's digital transformation strategy.

Robocorp's Gen2 RPA Solution Continues To Stake Its Ground In The Hyper Automated World

Open-source RPA with cloud orchestration shifts the automation landscape into an on-demand world

Robocorp Releases Work Data Management Solution

Robocorp is powering up it’s Control Room with Work Data Management. It significantly boosts the performance of bots by using built-in parallel processing while enabling customers to build & deliver cost-effective automations.

Robocorp Announces New Partnership with Neostella

Collaboration Provides Companies of All Sizes Greater Ability to Scale Utilizing Gen2 RPA

Robocorp Named the Overall Open Source Solution Provider of the Year

Gen2 RPA provider captures honors as judges see the technology's groundbreaking capabilities.

Robocorp partner implements healthcare automation solution

Are you a healthcare leader? Learn how Robocorp utilizes our partners to implement automation to healthcare providers.

Insurance claims documents with customer

Why insurance claims are the perfect use of automation

Claims are a multi-step process that are sequential and rules-based, making them ripe for automation.

Partner Profile: Bots & People

Bots & People launched the worlds first independent full-scale automation platform.

Partner Profile: Quandri

Quandri specializes in bringing automation to businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

Robocorp announces expanded partner program to bring benefits of automation to more businesses

Program includes new benefits and resources for partners to build and market their process automation services on Robocorp's open-source platform

What is RPA? A breakdown of RPA and its benefits

Robocorp's guide to automation. Explore the benefits, its use cases, and how an RPA platform can transform your business.

Migrating to a Gen2 RPA Platform

What is Gen2 RPA, and how does it compare to Gen1? Discover the benefits, weighing the risks and rewards, the models of bot migration, and more.

Robocorp appoints Silicon Valley Veteran Dave Dabbah as Chief Marketing Officer

Robocorp's new CMO Dave Dabbah brings more than 20 years of experience building and leading marketing teams for B2B technology companies.

RPA-as-a-service: automation for all businesses

The evolution of robotic process automation (RPA) technology—including its business and implementation models—is not unlike the path that software has taken. Just as software used to require large infrastructure and staffing investments, so, too did RPA.

Partner Profile: Vuono Group

Vuono Group is a business engineering company focusing on digital efficiency.

Robocorp Unveils Dynamic Scalability that Enables Significant Cost Savings

This First-of-its-Kind Functionality Allows Customers To Dynamically Scale and Automate

When is a cloud RPA deployment a better choice than on-premise RPA?

One of the most important decisions that arises in software robot development is whether to host your digital workforce in the cloud or on-premise.

Robocorp announces SOC 2 Type 2 certification

Robocorp successfully completed a SOC 2 Type 2 audit, which certifies data handling and security practices.