Robocorp Code: a new VSCode extension to develop, run and upload your robotsRobotic Process Automation Tools

Robocorp Code: a new VSCode extension to develop, run and upload your robots

October 29, 2020Mario Vercellotti

Love Visual Studio Code? Use it to program, run and upload to the cloud your RPA robots with the Robocorp Code vsCode extension!

Ah... the text editor, every developer’s best friend. We each have our favourite, and epic flame wars have been fought over personal preferences over the years. At Robocorp, we have been hard at work to create Robocorp Lab, a true IDE for Software Robot Development, which contains a lot of useful features to make life easier for Software Robot Developers. But, as developers, we understand that more choice is always good, switching editors is a big step, and, also, together with millions of others, we are big fans of Visual Studio Code ourselves!

So, today we are very excited to tell you that you can now develop, run locally and even upload your robots to Robocorp Cloud from the comfort of your Visual Studio code installation, thanks to the free Robocorp Code extension!

With the Robocorp: Create robot command, you can create a new robot that has all the settings and files in place to start coding immediately. Just choose a template (including a full python option 🤓) and you are ready to go!

You can run the robot locally with the Robocorp: run robot command, and see the output in the VSCode debug console panel:

All ready to go? Use the Robocorp: upload robot to the cloud and let your robot fly to Robocorp Cloud!

Setting this us takes two minutes. Head over to our Docs for a quick setup, and then go out in the world and make amazing robots!

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