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Robocorp offers six training courses and four certificates for all levels, from business users to advanced automation developers.

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Using Robot Framework and Python removes the limitations, and I feel like a "real developer."

Marvin Rojas

Intelligent Automation COE Lead Developer at Emerson

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The new generation of RPA has arrived. It’s open source, it’s fast, and it’s hyper scalable. Robocorp’s training courses and certifications allow both experienced RPA developers and beginners to acquire skills that will set themselves apart. Learn how to create and manage automations the way it will be done in the future: your way.

Get an Edge Over Your Peers

Become proficient with Gen2 RPA while the pack is still struggling with legacy solutions.

Automate Anything, Really

Robocorp empowers developers to automate any complex process without headaches.

Code / No Code: Your choice

Choose from Python, Robot Framework, or our low-code solution “Automation Studio”.

Training Courses and Certifications for RPA Developers

Certificate level I: Beginner's course

Course • 2h

Learn how to build your first robot with Robocorp's developer tools. No prior RPA knowledge needed.

Certificate level II: Build a robot

Course • 10h

Learn about the best practices when building robots and how to run robots with Assistants.

Certificate level III: Work data management

Course • 3h

Learn about the best practices when building robots and how to run robots with Assistants.

Software Robot Project Workflow

This course can be seen as an add-on to the level I course to help solidify the foundation for starting and maintaining software robot projects in real life, with real best practices. It is more advanced than Level I and should be taken after completion of the latter.

Training Course and Certificate for RPA Operations Analysts

AutomationOps Analyst (1h)

Core to AutomationOps is iterative development where business users and developers work together to reach common goals. The AutomationOps Analyst course and certificate will teach you how to plan, build, maintain, and continuously improve automations based on the AutomationOps methodology.

Course for Citizen Developers and Beginners

Automation Studio for Beginners (3h)

Learn the basics of Automation Studio and how to build software robots without coding involved. You will get to create the robot on your computer, test the robot out, and upload the robot to Control Room where it can be executed remotely and automatically.

Robocorp at a Glance

•  Build and run bots for free 
•  Open-source, Python-based RPA tools 
•  Easily convert your Gen1 bots 
•  Kickoff quickly with example robots
•  No licenses

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