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Supercharge Python for Automation

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You should leave your details if you are:

  • Looking to transition from traditional RPA platform to a robust and scalable enterprise Python automation platform
  • Interested in building and operating robust data loaders for RAG apps that can access anything from databases to documents to websites.
  • Aiming to create and deploy collections of Actions that securely expose the chosen functionality of your apps and data to AI agents.

What our customers think

Asad Nabi
Head of Architecture, Integration & Automation

We believe that Robocorp’s Python-based automation platform provides a seamless integration pathway for AI technologies and enables organizations to leverage rapid innovation in the open-source Python and AI/ML ecosystem.

Paul Ferguson
VP of Global Financial Services

We didn’t want to refactor different variations across multiple processes. Instead, we wanted a modern approach to developing automations such as cloud repositories and a cloud-native orchestrator to make future development faster and lower infrastructure costs.

Juha Järvi
Global Head of Healthcare, Digital Workforce Services Plc

Robocorp has enabled us to deliver a highly scalable and cost-effective solution for the Healthcare areas, and we are able to achieve great benefits for our customers. Our experience with Robocorp has not only solved our immediate challenges but also enabled our developers to create more powerful and reliable solutions.

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From getting started to writing your libraries, Robocorp’s documentation supports you on your software robot development journey.

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