RPA Solutions for Information Technology

Speed AI adoption, embrace business intelligence, and help stakeholders meet ROI goals.


automated storage provisioning


faster incident response


less account creation time

Robocorp helps your IT department improve efficiency, speed up response times and reduce errors – all while lowering costs.

Increase scale, agility, and peace of mind

  • Complete routine updates and maintenance tasks faster
  • Improve accuracy and decrease the risk of errors
  • Pivot and scale faster with lower overall costs
  • Leverage automated task data to drive improved decisions

Automating IT tasks with Robocorp helps your IT team recapture time, improve efficiency and mitigate downtime risks.

Top RPA use cases for information technology

From improving IT service desk performance to managing servers and networks more efficiently, Robocorp’s open-source RPA accelerates workflows and improves control.

IT Service Desk

Automate password resets, incident management and more to reduce response times and improve user satisfaction.

Data Entry and Processing

Extract, read, write and process data to reduce errors and improve data quality.

Infrastructure and Application Monitoring

Monitor IT systems, alerts, notifications and more to resolve issues more proactively. 

Data Migration and Processing

Migrate and syncronize large volumes of data from one system to another, quickly and accurately. 

Reporting and Analytics

Data aggregation and summarization speeds up decision-making.

Monitor Cybersecurity Threats

Track risks by checking vulnerabilities, detecting unusual activity, and escalating issues.

Automate seamlessly across IT & business support technologies

Robocorp’s open-source automation interfaces with your entire technology stack to future-proof your operations to meet the demands of an AI-driven future.

Why Serious IT Leaders Choose Open-Source RPA

Proprietary RPA doesn’t deliver on promised results. Our customers and partners call out why open-source is better.


SLA compliance


less infrastructure required


increased processing speeds

Drive seamless tech automation end-to-end. 

Transform your IT department into an agile and innovative powerhouse.

Repetitive & rule-based tasks

  • Interface with enterprise systems
  • Make calculations
  • Read / write data
  • Syncronize data

Cognitive tasks

  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Machine learning (ML)
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Language translation

Decision-making tasks

  • Go / stop / hold
  • Approve / reject
  • Seek human input

Deliver on your financial, operational, and security mandates.