Control Room changelog and release notes

Control Room update (2022-01-12)

January 12, 2022

Work Data Management

  • Process Runs that fail to start now create a Process Run in Unresolved state, which allows retrying of the Work Items in the same context after the issues have been resolved.

Account Management for Partners

  • Improved UX and navigation

Control Room update (2022-01-03)

January 3, 2022

Account Management for Partners

  • Manage multiple clients conveniently from a single view
  • Consolidated billing under a single billing date and payment method
  • Cost- and usage reports
  • New incentivized pricing tiers
  • Available for Robocorp Partners

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Executive Dashboards

  • Stay in track of what is happening with your automations by using the new Organization-level dashboards
  • Aggregates and visualizes information over all Workspaces in the Organization
  • Visible to Organization Owners, Admins and the new Data Analyst role
  • Can be shared to business end-users without giving any adminstrative permissions using the Data Analyst role

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New Self-Service Subscription Tiers

  • New subscription tiers are available for purchase in the Control Room. More information coming soon.

Control Room update (2021-11-19)

November 19, 2021

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Exception types

Work Data Explorer

  • WDE now supports broader range of searching through work data
  • More customization options and new columns added
  • Advanced columns can be found under customize columns

Work data explorer Work data explorer config

Improved Process Run and Step Run information

  • Event log has been added to process runs
  • Step Runs now show ending reason, e.g termination

Process run history

Self Hosted On-Demand Runtime Environments

Process API

  • Additional filtering and sorting options have been added to work item APIs

Work Data Processing

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Control Room update (2021-10-14)

October 14, 2021

Work data management

  • Work Items now support looping.
  • Explicit Output is now enabled by default when creating new processes. Done items forwarding can be toggled for processes to operate in the old mode.
  • Maximum number of work items that can be processed per process run is currently 100, we will be increasing the limit in future releases.

Please see for further information about work data management and work items:

Control Room update (2021-09-30)

September 30, 2021

Process listing improvements

Process listing improvements

  • Active, unresolved, and completed runs can now be tracked from the process listing
  • The layout bug has been fixed

Process view improvements

Process view improvements

  • The view has been redesigned to accommodate non-technical process operators better
  • Manual run options have been redesigned to better accommodate common use cases
  • Starting a process run now keeps the user in the dashboard view instead of redirecting into process run
  • Added failed work items and work item success rate to process runs
  • Added searches & sorts to various tables
  • Improved navigation patterns from process runs to direct into either process run view or work data explorer with filters pre-selected

Work data explorer

Work data explorer

  • Create work item has been moved to the work data explorer
  • Quick navigation to process and step runs has been added to work items to make debugging flows more straightforward
  • Selected filters are now visible

New user experience

  • Panel with useful topics and links have been added to the home screen
  • Some empty views have now useful guides and illustrations