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Control Room changelog and release notes

Control Room update (2022-06-20)

June 20, 2022

Process run notification improvements

  • Notification templates have been reworked to be more user-friendly and to contain more information
  • You can now enable notifications also for successful process runs
  • Notification now contains statistics about work items processed in that process run
  • New functionality is supported for both Slack and E-mail notifications

GitHub and GitLab integrations

  • The application integrations have been consolidated under organisation settings which makes the configuration easier to manage
  • GitHub application integration now supports linking multiple different GitHub organisations under a single Robocorp organisation

Webhook & API improvements

  • Webhook configuration now allows event filtering which enables you to select which events are sent over the webhook
  • Webhook invocations can now be paused
  • Webhooks are now available for assistant runs

Control Room update (2022-04-29)

April 29, 2022

Parsing and attachment support for e-mail trigger

  • E-mail trigger now supports two operating modes, one that just creates new work items from e-mails and other that also runs them
  • E-mail trigger has now option to automatically parse e-mail and attachments
  • With parsing enabled, e-mails and attachments up to combined size of 40MB is supported
  • We highly recommend users to update their existing e-mail flows to use the new parsing functionality, since the implementation technically better, more straightforward to use and fixes many flaws of the old mode of operation
  • Documentation can be found here.

Version control improvements

  • GitLab application is now supported


  • Sneak peek: Something new has been added under “Options” in the user settings for the curious & brave ones to experiment with (note: officially not released yet, might contain bugs!)

Control Room update (2022-02-23)

February 23, 2022

Version control improvements

  • GitHub Application integration now supports branches
  • Added manual / automatic deployment modes on GitHub Application integration
  • In a manual mode, user needs to push button to update latest version from the version control. This can be used to separate deployment from development tooling and processes.

Option for unlimited on-demand resources

  • On-demand run minutes and assistant runs now have option to have no limits
  • Unlimited option is the default for new subscriptions
  • Limit can be changed or removed from the Cost Management settings

Cost Management settings

Partner Account Management

  • Improved flows to be more straightforward

Work Data Management

  • Added option for deleting work items


  • Added support for activity run webhook events that signal run status changes on activity level.

Control Room update (2022-01-12)

January 12, 2022

Work Data Management

  • Process Runs that fail to start now create a Process Run in Unresolved state, which allows retrying of the Work Items in the same context after the issues have been resolved.

Account Management for Partners

  • Improved UX and navigation

Control Room update (2022-01-03)

January 3, 2022

Account Management for Partners

  • Manage multiple clients conveniently from a single view
  • Consolidated billing under a single billing date and payment method
  • Cost- and usage reports
  • New incentivized pricing tiers
  • Available for Robocorp Partners

Exception types

Executive Dashboards

  • Stay in track of what is happening with your automations by using the new Organization-level dashboards
  • Aggregates and visualizes information over all Workspaces in the Organization
  • Visible to Organization Owners, Admins and the new Data Analyst role
  • Can be shared to business end-users without giving any adminstrative permissions using the Data Analyst role

Exception types

New Self-Service Subscription Tiers

  • New subscription tiers are available for purchase in the Control Room. More information coming soon.