Robocorp Cloud release notes / April

  • Feedback channel added There is now "Send feedback" option in navigation menu which can be used to request a feature, report an issue or send us an question. We would really much like to hear about your experiences from using Robocorp Cloud.

  • Slack invites from Robocorp Cloud You can now get invite and join the Robocorp Slack from Robocorp Cloud. Let's welcome upcoming new members to the community!

  • Some service limits implement to prevent possible user errors and abuse To prevent abuse of Robocorp Cloud and accidental runaway asset generation we have implemented some service limits. If you encounter these during normal use, please contact us.

  • Robocorp App installer and UI now finally for Mac If you have used the .zip version, you can get rid it
    → The link to cloud is not affected so worker should just start directly to linked state

  • Robocorp App UI improvements to linking and running "View log..." opens the full trace log to the editor you have assigned for .log files
    → A lot simpler to view logs in the editor you know
    → Console feed on the UI is just for seeing something is happening
    Link options now separated more clearly
    Unlink can only be performed when it makes sense

  • Robocorp App User settings Not much here yet, but more coming
    → Currently enables us at Robocorp to test connections to different cloud instances
    → If you have ideas on things you would like to set here please let us know. * * *

April 30, 2020