Robocorp Cloud update (2020-06-13)

Organizations are coming!

  • We are preparing to launch organizations to Robocorp Cloud, which will be new a structure for managing Workspaces and user access (a bit similar to organizations in GitHub).
  • In this first phase, we are changing the "Private Workspace" concept, and will migrate all private workspaces to the new model. The only change for now is that users are able to invite other users to their old private Workspaces.
  • More information about organizations can be found in this article on Robohub.

Processes view reworked

  • We have removed the workspace Dashboard (it will come back later in a new and improved form) and reworked the Processes view which now includes the information from the old Dashboard view:

    Robocorp Cloud Processes View

Activity Package terminology change

  • The zip files containing activities are now called "Activity Packages" or "Packages" for short.
  • When adding Activities to a process you now select them from Packages:

    Robocorp Cloud Packages View

UI changes

  • New User menu
  • Separate Help menu
  • New landing page where you select your workspace
  • Other smaller tweaks
June 13, 2020