Robocorp Cloud update (2020-06-27)

Organizations are now live

Robocorp Cloud organizations

  • Organizations are shared spaces that can be used to manage multiple workspaces and user access under one entity. Each organization has its own management functions and billing.
  • Currently, all members of the organization belong to all workspaces in it; we will introduce access separation and user roles later on.
  • Each existing workspace will now be found under an organization that has been created automatically for it as part of this update.
  • All organizations are now on the free Developer -tier. More information about tiers and pricing coming soon.
  • More information about organizations can be found in this article on Robohub.

Security audit

  • External security audit has been completed, and we now endorse production use of the system.

Terminology changes

  • Robocorp Apps that users host themselves are now called "Self-hosted Robocorp Apps"
  • Robocontainer is now called "Robocorp hosted Cloud Container"

Lots of UI improvements

  • Many views have been improved for better user experience.
June 27, 2020