Robocorp Cloud update (2020-07-17)

Activity Package support improved

Robocorp Cloud Activity Package support

  • Activity packages using the package.yaml now has better support in Robocorp Cloud
  • Packages with multiple activities are easier to use
  • When using a package.yaml you no longer need to define command when adding activities to a process.
  • In the Process -view Activities table you can now see the package and the activity without browsing into each activity.
  • For Command Only type packages the command is also shown in the Process -view

Activity ordering

  • You are now able to change the order of the activities in a process by just drag-n-dropping them.

Activity order

Process API improvements

  • Starting process via API will now returns the started process details
  • You can then query the process status
  • Check out the article about the API usage

Security improvements

  • Vault end-to-end encryption improved to use AES-256-GCM instead of AES-256-CBC for the symmetric part of the encryption. Also added the capability to change/update the encryption algorithms later on. Related update to rpaframework coming as well. This change will not require code changes.
July 17, 2020