Robocorp Cloud update (2020-09-15)

Terminology changes (product naming):

  • Robocloud is now called Robocorp Cloud
  • Worker (application) is now called Robocorp App

Terminology changes (Robocorp Cloud functionality):

  • Activities (in a process) are now called Steps
  • Activities (the code) are now called Robots
  • Activity runs are now called Robot runs
  • Cloud run minutes are now called Robot run minutes
  • Workers (environments) are now called Runtime Environments
  • Source (in a package) is now called Origin

Roles and permissions:

  • Added role-based access management to the organization level
  • Added role-based access management to the workspace level


  • Support dropped for RPA framework versions older than 2.20

UX improvements:

  • Autogenerated organization and workspace short names for new organizations are now more user friendly
  • Organization and workspace short names can be customized at Team and Pro -tiers
  • New login page and introduction flow
  • General UI improvements to multiple views

Payment plans:

  • Team and Pro subscriptions are now available for purchase
  • All subscriptions are now counting robot run minutes
  • Additional on-demand robot run minutes can be enabled from the “Cost management” view under the organization’s “Plan & Billing” settings.
September 15, 2020