Robocorp Cloud update (2020-10-13)

Robot Workforce:

  • Processes are now under the Workforce tab in the Workspace top navigation. This is to separate our product functionality on a high level into Robot Workforce and Robot Assistants.

Robot Assistants (Beta):

  • Robot Assistants are now available under the Assistants tab in the Workspace top navigation. They are similar to what is commonly known as “Attended robots” and are designed to fit use cases where users perform tasks locally.
  • Assistants are launched as Beta, so there might be bugs and breaking changes. Try them out and let us know what you think!
  • Robocorp App needs to be updated to work with Assistants.

Workspace sharing improvements:

  • Sharing button added to Workspace top navigation.
  • Sending an invite from a Workspace will add the user to both the Organization and the Workspace if the inviter has the suitable roles.

Work Item file support:

  • Work Items now support files with RPA Framework.

UI improvements:

  • General UI improvements to multiple views.
October 13, 2020