Robocorp Cloud update (2021-02-08)

Robot Assistants:

  • Assistants are now out of beta, and billing will be enforced after one full billing cycle on paid tiers.
  • Assistants are billed by assistant cap set for the billing cycle.
  • You must activate the assistants you want to use from the Assistant view, up to the assistant cap.

Activate the robot assistant

  • Assistant cap is configured from the organization cost management view.

Robot assistants in the organization cost management view

  • If the number of active assistants is higher than then assistant cap, extra assistants will be inactivated at the end of billing period.
  • Price of assistant cap bought during the ongoing billing cycle is prorated.

Robot Workforce:

  • Support for extendable container images added to Pro tier.


  • New Robot UI is now live. The goal was to improve the ease of use, and also bring more important information to the view. Tell us what you think!

New Robots UI

February 8, 2021