Robocorp Cloud update (2021-02-26)

Process data pipeline:

Process data pipeline

  • The initial version of the process data pipeline has now been released
  • Improved process dashboard to show more relevant information
  • One process run can now process multiple work items in a single run
  • Work items are now categorized in Input, In-progress, Failed and Output states
  • Process run status indicators have been changed to show different states of processing and failures
  • Custom run option added to trigger a process run with custom run parameters
  • Robot runs in a process run are now called step runs

New workspace navigation:

New workspace navigation

  • We have redone the workspace navigation to be more intuitive and convenient to use in multi organization operations
  • Search term searches over all organization and workspaces, and returns a list of matching workspaces
  • Following keyboard shortcuts are supported:
    • Mac: Cmd + K (opens / closes the menu)
    • Windows: Ctrl + K (opens / closes the menu)
    • Esc (closes the menu)
    • Up / Down, Tab / Shift + Tab (navigates the list)
February 26, 2021