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Robocorp Cloud update (2021-04-07)

Slack integration:

  • Slack integration has been added, and can be enabled from workspace settings.
  • First supported functionality is process notifications (same as in e-mail notifications), which can be set up from process screen.

Environment groups:

  • Environment groups have been added to the Pro-tier
  • With environment groups, you can make a group of multiple self-hosted environments that can be assigned to a process step as environment, and in that way to allow parallel processing also in use cases that need extended functionality.

Triggering processes with e-mails:

  • Triggering processes with e-mails has been added to the Pro-tier.
  • Users can now set up a dedicated cloud e-mail address linked to process, and sending mails to that address will trigger the process run and pass the e-mail content as work item.

Upcoming pricing changes:

  • We have added a notification to Free tier to remind about the upcoming changes in pricing. Please see more information here: https://robocorp.com/pricing
April 7, 2021