Robocorp Cloud update (2021-07-08)

Process view redesign & work data explorer:

  • Process views have been redesigned to better support upcoming workforce features and process operation by non-technical business users.

Process view redesign

  • Search functionality has been added to conveniently search through process runs.
  • New work data explorer has been added, which can be used to interact with work items, e.g for retrying or marking failed work items as complete.

Data Explorer

Workforce functional changes:

  • New process run state is added called "Pending". When processing of work item related to the process run fail, the run transitions to “Pending” state awaiting for manual interaction.
  • Process run is considered complete, after all failed items are either retried successfully or manually marked as complete. Retrying or modifying failed items keep them in the original process run context.
  • Pending runs have a rolling timer until completed, which does NOT count against billed run minutes. (only robot execution time is counted)
  • New functionality should be backwards compatible with old implementations, in case of undesired behavior please contact our customer success immediately.

Run minute and value generation metrics:

  • Metrics and graphs to track used run minutes and value generated by processes have been added. Note that run minute metric is indicative, and ground truth can be found from cost management.
  • Value generated per successfully completed work item can be set from the process configuration.

Value generated configuration

July 8, 2021