Control Room update (2022-04-29)

Parsing and attachment support for e-mail trigger

  • E-mail trigger now supports two operating modes, one that just creates new work items from e-mails and other that also runs them
  • E-mail trigger has now option to automatically parse e-mail and attachments
  • With parsing enabled, e-mails and attachments up to combined size of 40MB is supported
  • We highly recommend users to update their existing e-mail flows to use the new parsing functionality, since the implementation technically better, more straightforward to use and fixes many flaws of the old mode of operation
  • Documentation can be found here.

Version control improvements

  • GitLab application is now supported


  • Sneak peek: Something new has been added under “Options” in the user settings for the curious & brave ones to experiment with (note: officially not released yet, might contain bugs!)
April 29, 2022