Robocorp App (3.1.5)


Add a new authentication method via the Robocorp ID services. The link page will now have a button that opens a page in a browser that links the browser session Robocorp account to the Robocorp App.

Added an alternative method for Assistant feature to authenticate to Robocorp Cloud, using the access credentials that can be created in the Robocorp Cloud.

Robot Assistant

  • Linux and macOS: Fixed an issue where terminate run didn't correctly stop the run process
  • Windows: Fixed an issue where a space character in the username could fail the assistant run
  • Improvement: Added a loading indicator when fetching assistants for workspace


  • Fixed an issue where the workforce unlink option was available even when Workforce was not linked
  • Better timeout handling for Robocorp Cloud API calls
  • Added support for robotTaskName option in the robot.yaml configuration