Robocorp App (3.3.5)

Issue Reporting

Users can now send an issue report with logs as attachments or send feedback using the newly added "Submit Issue" item in the help menu.

If the user wants to be contacted regarding the submitted issue, the "Submit issue" form includes an optional email field.


  • rcc updated to version 5.0.12
  • Improved error handling in the UI side
  • New setup-output.log artifact created automatically in Robocorp Cloud Runs, showing the output from the environment setup phase
  • Do not truncate service messages to the Robocorp Cloud run console
  • Fixed an issue where the application icon did not show correctly in Linux
  • Fixed an issue where the assistant side listed workspaces that the logged-in user didn't have permission to run. This issue happened when the user was an admin at the organization level but was not a member of the specific workspace.