Robocorp App (3.5.3)


New key bindings feature added for launching assistants. The key bindings are global and can be executed even while Robocorp App doesn't have focus.

The default key bindings for launching assistants are Alt+1 to Alt+9. These can be configured in the configuration file located at:

  • Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\robocorp\robocloud-worker\keybind_configuration.yaml
  • Linux / macOS: ~/.robocorp/robocloud-worker/keybind_configuration.yaml

Python execution environment management

Added an interface to the Robocorp Runtime to clean up old Python execution environments. Clean up can be executed by running robocloud-worker.exe cleanup --conda.

Robocorp App will periodically clean dangling environments and environments that haven't been used for 90 days.


  • Update RCC to v7.0.5
  • Fix an issue where runtime didn't start automatically when the workforce page was opened
  • Fix an issue where conda environment manager didn't successfully install correctly depending on the users home path
  • Troubleshooting link added to the Help menu and to the Submit Issue menu page