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Robocorp Assistant changelog and release notes

Robocorp Assistant (1.4.6)

October 14, 2021

New features and improvements

  • Improved branch lookup with GitHub assistant installations
    • In addition to master, looks automatically for branches trunk and main
  • Fixed a bug where submitting an issue failed if user home directory path contained whitespace

Robocorp Assistant (1.4.4)

October 6, 2021

New features and improvements

  • Ability to install assistants from a public GitHub repository


  • New environment caching via updated RCC v11.1.6 (changelog)

    • Note: The first assistant runs after the update will need to refresh the assistant environment, so they take longer to execute. Following executions should again get to use the caching and be faster.

Robocorp Assistant (1.3.3)

September 8, 2021

New features and improvements

  • Patch update to fix Control Room timeouts for long running Assistants
  • Updated to RCC v10.9.4 (changelog)

Robocorp Assistant (1.3.2)

May 31, 2021

New features and improvements

  • Settings now enable controlling when to pop-up Assistant UI after execution.

    • Defaults to On failure as we recommend showing most results to end-user via the new RPA.Dialogs -library. 2021-05-31-settings
  • Updated to RCC v9.16.0 (changelog)

Robocorp Assistant (1.3.0)

May 17, 2021

New features and improvements

  • Added support for light-theme Assistant light-mode
  • Minor tweaks and fixes

Rpaframework -library v10 contains the new RPA.Dialogs which brings in the final part of the Assistant context.
The library got many improvements and now enables the robot developer to control how to show results to the end-user.

Dialog Examples