Robocorp Cloud changelog and release notes

Robocorp Cloud update (2021-07-08)

July 8, 2021

Process view redesign & work data explorer:

  • Process views have been redesigned to better support upcoming workforce features and process operation by non-technical business users.

Process view redesign

  • Search functionality has been added to conveniently search through process runs.
  • New work data explorer has been added, which can be used to interact with work items, e.g for retrying or marking failed work items as complete.

Data Explorer

Workforce functional changes:

  • New process run state is added called "Pending". When processing of work item related to the process run fail, the run transitions to “Pending” state awaiting for manual interaction.
  • Process run is considered complete, after all failed items are either retried successfully or manually marked as complete. Retrying or modifying failed items keep them in the original process run context.
  • Pending runs have a rolling timer until completed, which does NOT count against billed run minutes. (only robot execution time is counted)
  • New functionality should be backwards compatible with old implementations, in case of undesired behavior please contact our customer success immediately.

Run minute and value generation metrics:

  • Metrics and graphs to track used run minutes and value generated by processes have been added. Note that run minute metric is indicative, and ground truth can be found from cost management.
  • Value generated per successfully completed work item can be set from the process configuration.

Value generated configuration

Robocorp Cloud update (2021-06-18)

June 18, 2021

Workforce & processes:

  • To prepare for upcoming bigger improvements in the process operation, metrics and user experience, some UI and functionality updates have been rolled out.
  • Process and step configurations are now under own section, which can be accessed from "Configure process" button in the process view.
  • Value generation and run minute metrics have been added. Value generated per work item can be configured from the step configuration.
  • Process metrics can be tracked over a configurable time period.

Process metrics

Organization and workspace invites:

  • Improved the user invite flow and and added list of outstanding invites to the home screen.

UX improvements:

  • Light theme is now available, and can be set from the user settings menu.
  • Step run view has been redesigned.

Step run view

  • Several minor improvements and bugfixes.

Robocorp Cloud update (2021-04-09)

April 9, 2021

New user experience:

  • Organization creation has been improved.
  • Example Organizations are no longer generated automatically for new users.
  • Improved sign-up flow for users joining through invite.

UI improvements:

  • Tables components have been improved.
  • Dark theme colors have been slightly changed.

Robocorp Cloud update (2021-04-07)

April 7, 2021

Slack integration:

  • Slack integration has been added, and can be enabled from workspace settings.
  • First supported functionality is process notifications (same as in e-mail notifications), which can be set up from process screen.

Environment groups:

  • Environment groups have been added to the Pro-tier
  • With environment groups, you can make a group of multiple self-hosted environments that can be assigned to a process step as environment, and in that way to allow parallel processing also in use cases that need extended functionality.

Triggering processes with e-mails:

  • Triggering processes with e-mails has been added to the Pro-tier.
  • Users can now setup a dedicated cloud e-mail address linked to process, and sending mails to that address will trigger the process run and pass the e-mail content as work item.

Upcoming pricing changes:

  • We have added a notification to Free tier to remind about the upcoming changes in pricing. Please see more information here:

Robocorp Cloud update (2021-02-26)

February 26, 2021

Process data pipeline:

Process data pipeline

  • The initial version of the process data pipeline has now been released
  • Improved process dashboard to show more relevant information
  • One process run can now process multiple work items in a single run
  • Work items are now categorized in Input, In-progress, Failed and Output states
  • Process run status indicators have been changed to show different states of processing and failures
  • Custom run option added to trigger a process run with custom run parameters
  • Robot runs in a process run are now called step runs

New workspace navigation:

New workspace navigation

  • We have redone the workspace navigation to be more intuitive and convenient to use in multi organization operations
  • Search term searches over all organization and workspaces, and returns a list of matching workspaces
  • Following keyboard shortcuts are supported:
    • Mac: Cmd + K (opens / closes the menu)
    • Windows: Ctrl + K (opens / closes the menu)
    • Esc (closes the menu)
    • Up / Down, Tab / Shift + Tab (navigates the list)