Robocorp Cloud changelog and release notes

Robocorp Cloud update (2021-01-19)

January 19, 2021


  • Robocorp Cloud GitHub application is now live! Utilize software development best practices in robot development by linking private GitHub repositories to Cloud using our new GitHub application. This option is now available in the redesigned "Add robot" dialog.

Add robot dialog

Robot Workforce:

  • Premium container cluster with more beefy containers is now live for paid subscriptions. We will announce it later in more detail after we have all the planned features in place.
  • Improved cloud container caching for faster robot executions.
  • Added e-mail alerts for used on-demand run minutes at 80% and 100%.


  • Documentation and more events added. See documentation here.

Robocorp Cloud update (2020-12-30)

December 30, 2020

Workspace API Access:

  • API helper is now live. With API helper, you can create Robocorp Cloud API calls quick and in an intuitive way. API helper can be found from the workspace top navigation bar.

API Helper

  • Initial support for webhooks added, documentation and more information coming soon. You can find the webhook configuration under the API section.

Audit Logs

  • Organization and workspace audit logs are now available. This feature is still in beta but allows you to view key events on both scopes. You can find the "Log" link in organization settings and workspace’s top navigation bar.

Dashboard performance improvements

  • We’ve done a few tweaks on the cloud console internals and this should result in a more snappier browsing experience!

Robocorp Cloud update (2020-11-25)

November 25, 2020

Robot Workforce

  • Improved the reliability of robot container provisioning. This should result in fewer failed robot runs.

Cloud editor for Robots (Beta)

  • You can now edit Robots with the new Cloud editor. There is an edit robot option added to the robot page.
  • The feature is in Beta and might have bugs, so keep backups of your important robots while experimenting with the editor!

Robot editor

Security improvements

  • Robocorp account password can now be changed at Password change feature can be found under Account Settings.

Change password

UI improvements

  • Improved environment linking in the process view

Process view

Robocorp Cloud update (2020-11-02)

November 2, 2020

Workspace API Access:

  • Workspace-scoped API keys are now available under workspace navigation. Workspace API keys can be used to interact with resources in workspace-scope, and are managed by workspace admins.
  • Added Process API permissions: read_runs, read_run_outputs and trigger_processes
  • Added Robot API permissions: read_robots and write_robots
  • This feature is released as Beta.

Robot Workforce:

  • Robot Workforce processes now support custom scheduling with CRON expressions.

UI improvements:

  • Feedback dialog added for beta features.
  • Small UI improvements to multiple views.

Robocorp Cloud update (2020-10-13)

October 13, 2020

Robot Workforce:

  • Processes are now under the Workforce tab in the Workspace top navigation. This is to separate our product functionality on a high level into Robot Workforce and Robot Assistants.

Robot Assistants (Beta):

  • Robot Assistants are now available under the Assistants tab in the Workspace top navigation. They are similar to what is commonly known as “Attended robots” and are designed to fit use cases where users perform tasks locally.
  • Assistants are launched as Beta, so there might be bugs and breaking changes. Try them out and let us know what you think!
  • Robocorp App needs to be updated to work with Assistants.

Workspace sharing improvements:

  • Sharing button added to Workspace top navigation.
  • Sending an invite from a Workspace will add the user to both the Organization and the Workspace if the inviter has the suitable roles.

Work Item file support:

  • Work Items now support files with RPA Framework.

UI improvements:

  • General UI improvements to multiple views.