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Robocode release notes / April

  • Initial support for interactive locators on Windows (RPA.Browser.Selenium, RPA.Desktop.Windows). Pressing tab after locator (such as “id:“, “css:“, “template=“) allows selecting locator interactively with crosshair cursor.
  • Old environment directories related to activities are now removed during installation to make sure the latest updates are available when opening activity with newer version of Robocorp Lab.
  • Automatically select platform specific entrypoint in activity run.
  • Installer improvements for improved first start and offline support.
  • Fixed rendering of long recent activities list.
  • Security improvements.
  • Fixed issue where global installation of Jupyter kernel might interfere with the version included in Robocorp Lab.
  • Updated macOS installer background.
  • Improved error handling in case of network problems during environment creation. Known issues:
  • Windows: Home directory with whitespace not supported currently.
  • Robot Framework warns about multiple section definitions when running cells multiple times in notebook mode.

Release notes for Robocorp Lab version 2.7.4

  • Updated Electron to v8.x
  • Improved waiting screen for activity run
  • Updated RoboHub link in project manager
  • Fixed product name in 3rd-party-notices.txt

Release notes for Robocorp Lab version 2.6.7**

  • Removed extra black window when opening Robot Framework log.html from notebook
  • Removed report.html from notebook
  • “Run activity” remembers the last selected entrypoint within the Lab session
  • Markdown files are opened in preview mode by default
  • Removed extra black bars from markdown preview
  • JSON and YAML files are opened in editor mode by default
  • Changes to /devdata/env.json are now applied to notebook kernel without reopening Lab window
  • Fixed environment activation on macOS
  • Fixed file browser width in Robocorp Lab theme
  • Updated init and loading UI’s

Release notes for Robocorp Lab version 2.5.9**

Project manager:

  • Added ability to to create new activity and open existing activity
  • Added list of recent activities including example projects packaged with installer Lab:
  • RCC and Robot Framework available from terminal
  • Scripts can be developed and run in Notebook mode (as cells or whole notebook)
  • Scrips can be developed in plain editor mode
  • Scripts can be run as activity in isolated environment Installer:
  • Windows 10 and macOS supported
  • Auto update supported
April 30, 2020