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Robocorp Lab (4.0.5)

This is a major version update. Please uninstall the previous version of the application and install the new version by downloading it from https://robocorp.com/download. Instructions for uninstallation are available at our documentation site.

Features and changes

  • Onboarding tutorial provided to users on the first install. Guide how to get my-first-robot up and running. Onboarding
  • New and much faster "test run" for robots to be tested locally before uploading to the cloud.
    • Isolated run environments are re-used whenever possible to improve performance.
    • New flexible file structure enabled by a new robot.yaml configuration file.
    • Guide on migrating to the robot.yaml.
    • Please note this a breaking change, and your existing robots will need to be migrated... the prize is a LOT faster test run.
    • All robot examples have been updated to use the robot.yaml configuration, and more examples have been added. You should get the latest examples and try them out. Test run
  • Application name changed to Robocorp Lab (from Robocode Lab). Other naming changes to improve UX.
  • Language Server Protocol upgrade has improvements on auto-completion and other fixes.
  • Error handling fixes.
  • The new ROBOT_ROOT environment variable can be used in scripts to refer to the base of the robot folder structure, instead of using relative paths.
September 23, 2020