November 3rd, 2021 12:00 PM EDT
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Robocorp Lab (4.10.3)


  • Support for old form package.yaml and entry point scripts dropped
    • See migration guide
    • The robots still open in Lab but Run Robot gives out an error.
    • Deprecated in 1.10.2020
  • Lab uses RCC v9 with new cleaned up templates.
  • Lab now uses conda-forge as the main source of packages.

Fixes and tweaks

  • Fixes for Lab startup errors
    • Seen as INIT_3_10 and INIT_4_10 errors in start-up
    • Environment cache corruption protection added
    • Environment setups support for Windows machines running non-Unicode codepages
    • ROBOCORP_HOME validation and fixing now in Lab's pre-checks UI
  • Security updates to Electron
  • Image-based locators no longer store the origin image for privacy protection.
  • Lab quitting and restarting fixes on Mac
    • Application exit and restarts now work as intended on Mac
    • CMD+Q now quits

Known issues

  • JupyterLab V3 has a new "Simple Interface Mode" that activates automatically if you resize the editor window to a small enough size.
    • To get back to the normal interface go to: View -> Deactivate Simple Interface.
    • We are looking into ways of disabling this functionality because it appears to be rarely useful in automation cases.
  • On macOS Big Sur the auto-update Restart Now closes and updates the Lab correctly but does not automatically restart the application.
February 8, 2021