November 3rd, 2021 12:00 PM EDT
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Robocorp Lab (4.12.5)

New features and Improvements

  • RobotFramework v4 syntax highlighting, IF-ELSE, and nested items working
  • Better indication on environment building and ability select when the update is started (bottom bar appears when conda.yaml is changed)
  • Added YAML and JSON syntax highlighting
  • Lab UI can be zoomed with CTRL/CMD + Plus/Minus.
  • Updated templates
  • A lot of robustness added to environment building and caching (RCC v9.9.15 & Micromamba v0.9.2)

Fixes and groundwork

  • Python environment setting for robots that have multiple tasks fixed. This has probably caused some other weird behavior as well.
  • Conda environments get activated before caching to catch some of them adding/changing the content during activation.

Known issues

  • JupyterLab V3 has a new "Simple Interface Mode" that activates if you resize the editor window to a small enough size.
    • To get back to the standard interface, go to: View -> Deactivate Simple Interface.
    • We are looking into disabling this functionality because it appears to be rarely helpful in automation cases.
  • On macOS Big Sur, the auto-update Restart Now closes and updates the Lab correctly but does not automatically restart the application.
April 19, 2021