Robocorp Lab (4.20.10)

Patch update

The big changes caused some problems, so patches are in place.

Bug fixes

  • Significant slow-down in Lab responsiveness
    • We have not been able to reproduce this, but we have found the probable culprit thanks to the submitted issues and the logs therein.
    • In the case where the environment was not ready, Lab was spamming the code-completion extension, which generated many actions that eventually failed.
  • macOS able to launch multiple Lab instances, causing failures
    • When closing Lab via mac red-cross and then spamming the dock icon, had a bug that allowed multiple windows starts
  • Getting Kernel error when opening .robot file right after opening a robot
    • Related to the slow-down issues, now the pre-built kernel is spun up immediately, avoiding the case where no kernel exists.
  • Lab initialization behind slow network starting over from scratch on any failures
    • Labs cleanup method now update to use RCC's new cleanup that leaves the mamba cache in place
    • We can now do this as micromamba has the logic to check and validate its cache.
  • Smaller fixes:
    • External links fixed
    • Terminology now inline to start using Robocorp Control Room

Known issues

  • JupyterLab leaving behind orphan python processes
    • When opening and closing robots in Lab, we noticed that JupyterLab is leaving behind orphan Python processes.
    • This does not create any immediate problems for Lab users, but over time especially on Windows, this could lead to file locks in the environments left open.
    • Workaround: Unfortunately, the simplest way to get rid of the processes is to reboot the machine.
    • We are pushing for a fix to JupyterLab and looking for a solution in Lab.
  • On macOS the image based locators fails to start.
    • We are hunting for the reason, seems to have something to do with mac signing.
September 1, 2021