Robocorp Lab (4.20.12)

Bug fixes

  • JupyterLab no longer leaves behind orphan python processes
    • This has been causing environment update failure on Windows machines
  • Special character handling in env.json
  • Blocked opening multiple Scratchpads at the same time
  • JupyterLab zmq error fix

Known issues

  • Significant slow-down in Lab responsiveness
    • v4.20.10 fixed the issue for some user but not all, so the hunt is still on.
    • Happens after using Lab and manifests as the whole UI slowing down
    • Happens mainly on Windows and Linux
    • We have not been able to reproduce this, so issue reports with additional details are more than welcome:
      • When this happens, what processes are taking CPU time?
      • Does this happen with specific types of robots? Interested in conda.yaml content.
      • Does this happen when changing from robot to robot?
  • On macOS, the image-based locators fail to start.
    • We are hunting for the reason. It seems to have something to do with mac signing.
September 7, 2021