November 3rd, 2021 12:00 PM EDT
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Robocorp Lab (4.20.15)

Bug fixes

  • JupyterLab now cleans up all processes left behind > unclosed browser instances were still causing a problem
  • On macOS, the image-based locators now work.
  • On macOS, crashes caused by File > Shutdown fixed
  • Attaching to opened browser in cell-by-cell running back to working order
  • If the environment building fails, there is now a Details-button to guide on further steps
    • Shows diagnostics run for the robot structure that highlights potential problems in .yaml and .json files
    • Shows the raw RCC log to see the pip and micromamba outputs to find the potential problem.

Known issues

  • Having `defaults '-channel in conda.yaml will cause errors; now is the time to get rid of that.
    • Parts of the Lab basement are no longer shipped via defaults -channel, causing weird errors.
    • Templates and robots in Robocorp Portal have been updated since February, but basically, you only need to remove that one line.
    • Simplest conda.yaml example is:
  - conda-forge
  - python=3.7.5
  - pip=20.1
  - pip:
      - rpaframework==11.4.0
  • "Lab is unresponsive" on some machines.
    • Patches .12 and .15 most likely will affect the frequency of this issue, but as we have not been able to reproduce this, so the hunt is still on.
    • Happens after using Lab and manifests as the whole UI slowing down
    • Happens mainly on Windows and Linux
    • We have not been able to reproduce this, so issue reports with additional details are more than welcome:
      • When this happens, what processes are taking CPU time?
      • Does this happen with specific types of robots? Interested in conda.yaml content.
      • Does this happen when changing from robot to robot?
September 16, 2021