Robocorp Lab (4.20.4)

This is a big one.

Right after the last release, we focused on applications to get the new Workforce Agent and Assistant applications separated.

At the same time, we were working with JupyterLab updates, getting a new kernel implementation integrated into Lab, and getting the new environment handling from RCC to use.

We also decided to simplify the Lab UX and menus as much as possible from JupyterLab items that are not relevant for developing automation robots.

New UX

  • Menus simplified
  • UI Locators and Keyword Explorer sidebars on the left and a bunch of tabs removed from the sidebar
  • Tree-view for file browser
    • Speeds up browsing in robot files significantly
    • "Reveal in File Explorer / Finder" in the context menu
    • File types like PDFs now opened outside Lab
  • Notebook editor buttons simplified and guiding the user
    • Action buttons for active cell (top-right corner)
  • Improved robot env. building notifications:
    • No need to click "Update" after opening a robot; the environment is built automatically.


New Locators implementation

  • The locators UI has been detached from Lab side when creating or editing locators
  • Browser locators can now be just taken as a string directly to the robot if you do not want to make a stored locator.
  • A bunch of stability and UX improvements here as well

New "Scratchpad" for REPL style testing

  • Scratchpad provides a REPL way of executing robot code
  • Execute your *** Settings *** section and *** Keywords *** sections that are working first and then jump to Scratchpad to write & run one or more lines Shift+Enter

All-new "basement"

  • New kernel
    • Jump to xeus based RobotFramework and Python Kernels
    • Thanks to our friends at QuantStack
  • New JupyterLab
    • JupyterLab v3.1 enabled a bunch of the new extensions and UX changes
  • New environment caching via RCC
    • Lab is now also using the new environment caching enabled by RCC
    • Uses a lot less disk space and separates executions better from other tools using RCC

Known issues

  • Able to trigger multiple Lab instances on Mac by spamming the dock bar icon, causing an error.
    • An Electron-Mac issue behind this one does not detect the single instance app correctly.
    • Workaround: If you get multiple instances, use quit to shut down all instances and restart.
    • We are looking for a fix.
August 19, 2021