Robocorp Lab (4.21.1)

New features

  • Recent Robots listing implementation changed not to show deleted items
  • Set Global Variable & Set Suite Variable values are now held in cell-by-cell running
  • Restart kernel -button added to the notebook button panel
    • All the kernel commands are still available behind Ctrl+Shift+C > type restart
    • Having a button there simplifies working with Python libraries.

Bug fixes

  • Update to RCC v11.1.6
    • Reduced use of os.stat as they seem to affect Windows usage
    • V11 migration guide at: RCC changelog
  • Lab kernel environments are now rotated to avoid file lock when changing conda.yaml
    • Note: If robot logic opens a process that freezes or does not shut down when Lab asks it to, you can still get file locks.

Known issues

  • Having `defaults '-channel in conda.yaml will cause errors; now is the time to get rid of that.
    • Parts of the Lab basement are no longer shipped via defaults -channel, causing weird errors.
    • Templates and robots in Robocorp Portal have been updated since February, but basically, you only need to remove that one line.
    • Simplest conda.yaml example is:
  - conda-forge
  - python=3.7.5
  - pip=20.1
  - pip:
      - rpaframework==14.1.1
  • "Lab is unresponsive" on some machines.
    • RCC v11.1.6 improvements to performance.
    • Kernel environments rotation now reduces the change of file locks which are compounding the issue.
    • Big dependencies still take time on the first run of a unique conda.yaml.
      • At the moment, pip for example, does not support any parallel actions, so machine utilization is really low during pip steps.
    • A Windows machine with 2 CPU cores does struggle quite a lot as Windows Defender (or anti-virus scanners in general) pretty much occupy half of the processing power trying to scan the incoming files.
October 4, 2021