Robocorp Lab (4.22.8)

New features

  • Dynamic Robot template updates
  • Updated and curated Keyword Explorer content to match rpaframework v11.4.0
  • RCC updated to v11.4.3 --> rcc configuration speedtest
    • In Lab, use File > Terminal and run rcc configuration speedtest command to test the performance of your system.
    • System requirements are notoriously hard to write up as in virtualized environments, we cannot trust just the hardware specs.
    • The speed test results are set so that zero is a "good enough" value, positive values are good and negative values indicate slower performance.
    • The results are split into operations over network and operations over filesystem
      • These are not just transfer speeds, as in virtualized systems, you can have blazing fast internet, but the CPU actions related to those might slow down the result.
      • Same goes for the filesystem measurement; the specs of the hardware mean nothing if the actual file storing and reading is slow due to some virtualization layer or a heavy virus scanner process.

Bug fixes

  • Update to RCC v11.4.3
    • Added retry mechanisms to attempt retries earlier and in smaller chunks.
    • Added retries to removal processes as well (Windows file locks)
    • Dropped minimum worker count to 2 to ease the load on minimal hardware.
  • Lab kernel switching now jumps directly to the new one without an extra step to "backup kernel"
  • Dependency updates for most extensions
  • In Python the problem with a={"b":"c"} format fixed
  • Fixes to JupyterLab Tornado timing out, causing stuck states to Restarting or Connecting states.

Known issues

  • Having `defaults '-channel in conda.yaml will cause errors; now is the time to get rid of that.
    • Parts of the Lab basement are no longer shipped via defaults -channel, causing weird errors.
    • Templates and robots in Robocorp Portal have been updated since February, but basically, you only need to remove that one line.
    • Simplest conda.yaml example is:
  - conda-forge
  - python=3.7.5
  - pip=20.1
  - pip:
      - rpaframework==14.1.1
  • "Lab is unresponsive" on some machines.
    • Use rcc configuration speedtest to determine the cause and ping the result on Slack / Forum.
      • Disk speed seems to be the most common cause for slow environment setups
      • A Windows machine with 2 CPU cores does struggle quite a lot as Windows Defender (or anti-virus scanners in general) pretty much occupy half of the processing power trying to scan the incoming files.
    • Lab base dependencies are big, and we are working on getting a significant cut to those (via ipywidgets v8).
October 25, 2021