November 3rd, 2021 12:00 PM EDT
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Robocorp Lab (4.2.7)

Productivity improvements:

  • Auto-completion fixed to complete keywords with spaces correctly.
  • Auto-completion shortcut changed to Ctrl + Space.
  • Tab-key now only inserts tab (4 spaces).
  • Ctrl/Cmd + W shortcut no longer closes the opened Robot, but a single IDE tab instead.

Keyword explorer beta

  • Side tab providing a list of curated keywords and their documentation. Ability to copy the keyword to clipboard.
  • This is the first beta-feature release so there are still some rough edges:
    • Keyword documentation is not yet formatted.
    • Separating searches to 'installed keywords' vs 'everything' is coming soon.
  • Any and all feedback is more than welcome as that is the main reason for the beta items.

Lab Linking improvements

  • Now working with Linux when using AppImage desktop integration.
  • The error message ACC_1_10 has been improved to be more descriptive:
    • Notifies if you already have too many access credentials defined in Robocorp Cloud.
    • Notifies if your account is missing email verification.
October 13, 2020