November 3rd, 2021 12:00 PM EDT
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Robocorp Lab (4.3.6)

Image-based workflow for Windows beta

Robocorp Lab now supports creating and using image-based locators on Windows.


NOTE: To use the image locators you need to update your conda.yaml to have the following.

- pip:
    - rpaframework==6.*
    - rpaframework-recognition

As always for the beta features, we really appreciate all possible feedback so contact us via Slack or the forum

Support for macOS is coming next.

Keyword explorer beta

  • There are now two tabs for keywords search:
    • A new tab has been added for keywords installed in the user’s robot environment, in addition to keywords that are “curated” by Robocorp.
    • Keywords that are imported into the open .robot file are highlighted in the keyword explorer.
  • Minor improvement to documentation formatting. Bigger improvements on the way.
  • Fixed an issue with search scrolling.

Support for Robot sharing site beta

  • The upcoming robot sharing site will house a simple button to "Open in Robocorp Lab" which is supported in this Lab version
  • Known issue:
    • If you have another robot open in Lab view the shared robot cannot be imported and opened. Make sure you are on the Lab welcome screen before opening a new robot using the Open in Robocorp Lab button on the sharing site.


  • The Windows username with spaces has bugged us for a while so another fix for that included
  • Python language server's python environment is now set correctly
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