November 3rd, 2021 12:00 PM EDT
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Robocorp Lab (4.4.13)

Image-based workflow improvements and support for macOS & Ubuntu

  • The image-based selector feature now also supports macOS and Linux.
  • Added confidence slider, which can used to fine-tune the hits you get for your image.
    • Helps out for example in Windows where the contrast changes when the application is focused vs. unfocused.
  • Multi-monitor snipping is still experimental. Feedback is welcome from all platforms.

Keyword explorer documentation formatting

  • Keyword explorer now out of beta with improved documentation formatting.
  • Improved documentation formatting also visible in the documentation site: see an example

Robot run supports Python robots and output improved

  • Support for pure Python robots added.
  • More visibility to the output feed coming from the robot run.

Robocorp Lab


  • Cloud linking now works directly from Lab view: Upload to Robocorp Cloud directs to linking without having to exit your robot.
  • Loading a shared robot from robocorp.com/robots while in Lab view notifies you to save and exit the current robot to import the new one.

Known issues

  • Opening a robot with a conda.yaml that is not found in the cache takes a minute or two (Conda package loading). Closing the Lab view for the robot does not stop the cache set up, so the user needs to wait for it to complete.
  • JupyterLab v2 forces extensions build to happen on target machines, which makes the Lab initialization error-prone. We are pushing JupyterLab v3 upgrade hard to get rid of the issues on startups.
  • Miniconda, Chrome web drivers, and temp folder handling are causing file lock states on Windows machines.
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