November 3rd, 2021 12:00 PM EDT
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Robocorp Lab (4.8.8)

Fixes and tweaks

  • Fix for the Restart and Run All Cells -functionality (Upgraded to JupyterLab v3 release candidate 14)
  • Fixed the "stuck when opening a robot" bug.
  • Improved code-completion (Minor tweaks in the LSP functionality)

Known issues

  • JupyterLab V3 has a new Single-document mode that activates automatically if you resize the editor window to a small enough size.
    • To get back to normal mode go to: View -> Click on Single-Document Mode to deactivate it.
    • We are looking into ways of disabling this as it really serves little purpose in automation cases.
  • Some reports for errors INIT_3_10 and INIT_4_10 under investigation
    • These seem to be really specific to the system setup so please submit issues on these with your email attached so that we can get in contact and figure out the root causes.
    • Some cases look like antivirus software is causing file locks. We are using VirusTotal to scan our software deliveries but individual antivirus setups are notoriously hard to pinpoint.
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