Robocorp Assistant -application

Downloading the latest version of Robocorp Assistant

  1. While logged into Control Room, click on the Assistants menu item in the top bar.
  2. Select the correct installation package for your Operating System and download it assistant-download
  1. Find the .exe version of the installer you downloaded on your machine and execute it.
  2. Read and accept the Robocorp End User License Agreement
  3. Choose whether you want to install for your user only or for all users on the machine, in which case you will be asked for admin credentials.
  4. Choose the installation location.
  5. Wait for the installer to complete.
  6. Finish the installation. With the Run Robocorp Assistant ticked, the application will start directly.

Now you are ready to link and start your Robocorp Assistant.

  1. Start the Robocorp Assistant -application
  2. Assistant application on startup will ask you to link to Robocorp Control Room. robocorp-assistant-unlinked.png
  3. The easiest way to link is the Link with Robocorp Control Room function.
    • This uses a typical default protocol client or deep link setup where the website triggers the application and provides the linking details without user interaction.
    • If the automatic method is blocked, Assistant has the option to link manually as guided below
  4. Once linked, follow the instructions on the Using Robot Assistants in Control Room page.

Manually linking Robocorp Assistant

Manual linking essentially does the same thing as the default, but the default protocol client -method is not always supported, so a manual backup is needed.

  1. Link using access credentials
  2. Manage credentials
  3. Add Credential
  4. Give some name for the credential like My Assistant
  5. Click on the eye icon > Copy to clipboard
  6. Paste the value to the Assistant dialog and click Link robocorp-assistant-manual-link.png

Unlinking a linked Robocorp Assistant

To unlink a linked Robocorp Assistant:

  1. Click on the dropdown on the top right, and select Unlink account: Unlink Robocorp Assistant
  2. Robocorp Assistant is now unlinked.

Uninstalling Robocorp Assistant

  1. Go to Apps & features under system settings.
  2. Select the Robocorp Assistant application from the list and press Uninstall.
    • On Windows, some files can get locked, so you can verify the uninstall by checking that folder %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Programs\Robocorp Assistant does not exist.
  3. After installation, you can choose to delete the data that the Workforce Agent has generated.

Clearing the data folder

Before deleting anything, please note:
If you have linked your Workforce Agent to Control Room, you should remove the corresponding Worker from your Control Room workspace. Link data is unique to your installation and cannot be re-created, so in Control Room the corresponding Unattended Worker becomes obsolete.

Robocorp Assistant stores data files under a common folder according to OS conventions. The folder holds the cache for running Workes, logs, and the data that links your Workforce Agent to Control Room.

  • On Windows, find this in: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\robocorp\
    • Copy & paste to File Explorer address bar.
  • On macOS and Linux in: ~/.robocorp/
    • On macOS: Go -> Go to Folder -> write ~/.robocorp/.
    • On Linux... just go there ;)

One more choice before clearing:

  • If you are NOT using any other Robocorp tools (Robocorp Workforce Agent or Robocorp Code):
    ...and just want to clean everything --> You can delete the whole folder

  • If you ARE using other Robocorp tools and want to keep using it:
    --> You should only delete the /assistant folder

Last edit: December 20, 2022