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Environment Groups


Environment groups provide a way to group linked runtime environments into named groups that can be used as execution environments for workforce processes. The grouping allows for better capacity utilization when you have multiple linked environments.


The environment groups can be configured from the Environments page. You can create any number of groups, and you can freely add and remove your linked environments to and from these groups. For more information on how to add linked environments, see installation.

Adding a new named group

The environment group can be added on the Environments page, under the Environment Groups section. Click Add and type in a name for your group.

Environment Groups - Adding a new named gropu

Adding and removing environments

Once the group has been created, you can add and remove existing environments to and from the group. This can be done on the environment group page, where you'll be taken automatically after the environment group creation. You can also later navigate to the group page by clicking the name of the group.

The environment can be added from the right-hand column by clicking the + button next to the name of the environment.

Environment Groups - Add linked environment

Removal can be performed by clicking the - on the left-hand column.

Environment Groups - Remove linked environment

Using environment group for a robot

Configured environment groups can be used as an execution environment for process steps. The group is available from the same configuration window where, e.g., the linked environments are. There is a specific section for selecting environment groups.

Environment Groups - Use group as step environment

When a robot with an environment group is executed, the system will automatically pick a free execution environment for the step. If there are no free environments in the group, the system will wait for one to become available.

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