Conversion Tool

Check out the idea behind the conversion tools before diving in too deep.

The conversion tooling is a website we restrict access to on an invitation basis. We do this because we are at the initial levels, and in most cases running through the Playbook is the critical part. We like to go through the conversion tooling in a hands-on meeting to go over the practicalities and frequently asked questions.

Please get in touch with our support to get the process started

The developers working with the tool should master a L3 developer certification.

Ideally, they will also understand the logic of the existing tooling, at least superficially. The conversion process should have clear access to the people who know and can use the old tool.

The conversion tool aims to provide a scaffolding Robot Framework that you can place in the bot project you start.


In practice, from Blue Prism's project-level export XML, the tool extracts:

  • Processes as RFW Tasks
  • Sub-sheets and RFW keywords
  • Parameters
  • Statistics on the robot to see the scale of the robot in question.
  • As many documentation elements that can be reliably linked to specific parts of the robot

The tool will continue to evolve based on the feedback we get: it is critical to understand that as the source project can, for example, have some unique C# code embedded in BP objects, making a total conversion an impossible task, so human developers are needed to get the conversions over the finishing line.

Automation Anywhere Automation 360

Automation 360 (A360) is on a domain level and structure much closer to Robot Framework than BluePrism.

For Automation Anywhere v11, our recommendation is to run the bot migration tool to A360 provided by Automation Anywhere. You do not need to migrate to A360 fully; just running the AA migration tool should enable you to export the bot in the new format, which allows our conversion tool to focus on that format (the v11 export format is heavily obfuscated).

In A360, you can export common parts of the bot, so you do not have to export and convert the entire bot at once.


Work started on UiPath, looking for bots to base the conversion on.

March 23, 2023