Gen1 Bot Exporting

Export best practices

Usually it is useful to first export the whole bot from the currently used tooling. Afterwards exploting the conversion tool to get an approximate implementation of the bot in Robot Framework.

There is also the option of converting parts of the bot as the export operation may generate them. For more information check the playbook.

Warning/Note: The only supported bots for conversion are: Automation Anywhere Automation 360, BluePrism, UiPath. For other types of bots the toll will not work. Even for the supported conversions the results may be partial, and no output bot is completely functional without significant modifications.

Automation Anywhere Automation 360

  1. Export the bot .zip using the official guide
  2. Extract the .zip
  3. Upload the process files from the .zip for conversion, one at a time
    • The process files are named with your bot's process names. They don't have file extensions. (Example: Email Workflow)


  1. Export the bot XML using the official guide
    • You can export either a single page of the bot or the whole process / object
      • The whole process can be used to get an overview
      • You can export and convert single pages to convert piece by piece
  2. Upload the XML file in the conversion tool


  1. Export "workflow template in XAML format" using UiPath's guide
  2. Conversion is not yet ready, but you can send the exported bot to us in our community Slack's #bot-conversions channel
May 5, 2023