September 16, 2021 12:00 PM EDT
Automation for insurance carriers & brokersSeptember 16, 2021 12:00 PM EDT
Learn how utilizing a digital workforce can help your employees focus on their main priority - the clients!

Let's look at Maria's task

As a Software Robot Developer, you know that to automate a process, you need to document it first. You sit down with Maria and interview her to understand what her weekly task involves.

Each week, Maria gets the sales data from the RobotSpareBin online sales application. It was set up long ago and does not have fancy integrations with other systems. Maria is grateful that the system can export the weekly sales data in an Excel file:

The Excel file in all its glory

After downloading the file, she goes to the intranet at https://robotsparebinindustries.com/.

Maria says that the intranet sometimes seems to have issues. She suspects it might be the internet connection, which is not great at her office. Sometimes when she's logging in, the application crashes. It's usually enough to reload the page and try again.

Rare error at RobotSpareBin intranet

She logs in and starts adding the data for the week for each sales representative, adding their first and last names, the value of sales they managed for the week, and their weekly target:

Entering sales data to RobotSpareBin intranet

After hours of copypasting the intranet page is ready and looks something like this:

All sales data finally entered!

Maria, after a while, realized that employees do not really visit the intranet that often. As a solution, she decided to take a screenshot of the page and add that to the weekly newsletter that she sent to everyone. She found a way of making a PDF file out of it, but again it's a lot of copypasting and fiddling with different software.

You propose then to add this part to the robot as well!

Documenting the process

As a professional, you want to make documentation for your automation project. Also, you know you will never remember all of this if you don't write it down.

You fire up Word and create a Process Definition Document to describe the process accurately:


You can learn how to write great Process Definition Documents in our dedicated article. Because this is a beginner's course, however, we have done it for you.

Download the Process Definition Document and read it carefully. It will be your guide in developing the actual robot.

When you will be rocking your own robotic process automation projects, you won't need to start from scratch creating your PDDs. You can use our handy PDD templates!

You can learn more about the process analysis phase and the whole process of delivering a robot to production in the Software Robot Delivery Process Course. Remember to check it our after completing this one! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now you have all the information you need. Let's start building the robot!

What we learned

  • Before it can be automated, a process needs to be documented.
  • A Process Definition Document is a standard way to describe processes.
  • You can use our templates to create your next Process Definition Document.