Debugging and Troubleshooting


Problem: RPA Framework keywords are not recognized by the IDE!

  • Try changing the rpaframework version in conda.yaml file to 24.1.2 or the latest version. Close and reopen the file.

    You can find the latest version of RPAFramework here - Release Notes

Debugging: Can I stop the execution mid-run and inspect what is happening inside the robot?

Yes! You can debug your script in VS Code:

  • Run the Robocorp: Set python executable based on robot.yaml command.
  • Add a breakpoint on the line(s) you want.
  • Click on the Robocorp icon in the Activity Bar on the left.
  • Run the robot using the debug button.

Debugging the robot in Visual Studio Code

For more help, always reach out to us via our forum or Robocorp Slack (#rpa-developer-training).

Problem: Unnecessary screenshots

The default behavior for browser automation is to save a screenshot whenever a keyword fails. Unnecessary screenshots make the robot log files unnecessarily large. Unnecessary screenshots are those that are taken when retrying a step that you know might fail. Since you know that these steps might fail from time to time, you are not interested in the screenshots for those failures. The Mute Run On Failure keyword from the RPA.RobotLogListener library prevents keywords from generating a screenshot on failure.