Quickstart guide

Robocorp was founded on the realization that robotic process automation (RPA) is fundamentally a developer domain.

Current RPA tools are designed for business users, but they are used by RPA developers. Robocorp is offering a stack of tools built by developers, for developers.


  • RPA is not just for big corporations. We want everyone to be able to benefit from RPA, be it a one person consultant company or a small team wanting to automate their routine tasks.
  • Sharing, reusing and building on top of other developers’ work should be an important part of RPA. Join our community to share your knowledge & learn more.
  • Setting up and getting started with RPA shouldn’t be hard. After this 3 step guide, you are ready to go!

Learn, Build, Run

Robocorp Overview

Robocorp documentation is where you learn to create software robots. Robocorp documentation includes all the helpful examples, resources, and libraries to get you going.

With Robocorp Developer Tools you build software robots. The tools include an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and a Command Line Interface (CLI) to make software robot development iterative and interactive. Also included, RPA Framework is well documented and maintained set of RPA libraries for both Python and Robot Framework.

Robocorp Cloud is where you orchestrate software robots. It is a cloud platform for deploying, operating and monitoring your robots.

Not convinced yet? Need more answers?

How much do I need to pay to start using Robocorp?

You can use all our tools for free. When scaling up your RPA, we have three payment tiers you can choose from.

How is Robocorp different from other RPA tools?

Robocorp is built for RPA developers, not business users. It is easy to get started with our tools, no need to contact sales, just download and start using it!

Which parts of your tools are open source?

Robocorp is a combination of tools. Robocorp Lab and Robocorp CLI (our IDE and CLI tools) are open source. This means you are free to contribute a pull request via our Github repository to help us improve them. Robot Framework is also an open source automation framework. It can be used for test automation and RPA. RPAFramework libraries are based on Robot Framework.

Next steps

Next, set up your environment in part 2, and see our tools in action by yourself in part 3.