Software robot delivery process

Welcome to the Software robot delivery process course! After completing this course, you will have a good grasp of the full process of delivering a software robot to production. 🤖

The phases of a software robot delivery process

  • The initial idea of automating something 💡
  • Evaluating whether the automation is technically feasible 🤔
  • Calculating the return on investment (cost vs. benefits) 💰
  • Documenting the process ✏️
  • Implementing & testing the robot ⌨️
  • Launching the robot to production 🚀
  • Maintaining the robot ⚙️

To show you all this, we will use the practical example of a process that desperately needs automation, in our favorite fictional company: RobotSpareBin Industries Inc.!

Meet Maria, intranet admin, and RobotSpareBin Industries Inc., the world leader in old robot spare parts!

🤖⚙️ RobotSpareBin Industries Inc. has been building and selling spare parts for old robots since 1982. Rusty joints, moldy microprocessors, and dusty sensors require replacing from time to time. Selling replacements for those parts is the responsibility of a veteran team of salespeople at RobotSpareBin.


To award the high-performing individuals and ehm... "encourage" the not quite as efficient salespeople, RobotSpareBin has set up an intranet. Maria, the admin of the intranet, is responsible for entering the sales goals and actual numbers each week, for all of the salespeople individually. And, RobotSpareBin being the world leader in spare parts for old leaky robots, there's a lot of them, so Maria ends up spending a lot of time each week copypasting data from Excel into the website...

Could this be automated?