Wrapping up and next steps

Whew! What a ride. You managed to climb over the wall-of-text, congratulations! Let us rewind a bit and think about the things we learned along the way.

The phases of a software robot delivery process

  • The initial idea of automating something 💡
  • Evaluating whether the automation is technically feasible 🤔
  • Calculating the return on investment (cost vs. benefits) 💰
  • Documenting the process ✏️
  • Implementing & testing the robot ⌨️
  • Launching the robot to production 🚀
  • Maintaining the robot ⚙️

Depending on the size of your automation effort, your project could have all the mentioned phases or just a few of them. It is not about following a strict set of rules: the phases are here to provide some food for thought when you are preparing to embark on your automation journey.

There are plenty of things to consider, but you can safely ignore those that are not relevant to you! Keep it practical. Small steps. Iterate. Remember to have fun. You will be just fine!

Wrapping up Maria's project

Some time has passed, and Maria's project at RobotSpareBin Industries Inc. is now complete:

  • One of the least favorite parts of her job is now automated and more likely to be error-free.
  • The PDD accurately described the process, and she signed it off happily.
  • The project considered the technical and business aspects to conclude that Maria's was a good process to automate.
  • The development went smoothly.
  • Requirements were clearly stated in the PDD, and there were no big surprises during development, so the budget was not exceeded.
  • Maria has completed the user acceptance testing, where she checked that everything worked as it should.
  • The process is now running in production, and there is a plan in place to maintain it if changes happen.

So Maria is quite happy, and already looking for the next process to automate!

Next steps for you

If you have not already completed it, we warmly recommend our homegrown Beginners' course. You will learn a ton of new things when completing that. Our examples and how tos will support you on your way. If you get stuck or want to say hi, visit our forum! Good luck on your journey!