Merging a pull request

Changes requested!

Bob submitted his pull request review asking for adding the vault setup instructions to the file to make it easier for other developers to get the robot up and running.

Implement the requested changes

You update the file. Piece of cake! 🍰

Commit and push the changes to the remote repository for review

Git add, commit, push, brew coffee. Wait for Bob to approve.

Review and merge the changes

Bob reviewed the improved instructions and saw they were good. He scrolled down on the pull request page and clicked on Merge pull request.

Merging a pull request means making the changes part of the master branch. The hard-coded credentials are now removed from the robot script. To get the newly updated master branch on your computer, you first git checkout master to switch to the master branch, and then git pull to get the changes from the remote master branch to your local master branch on your computer. If you don't git pull, you still have the old state of the branch on your computer. Pulling is a way to keep your local branches up-to-date with whatever is happening on the remote repository.

What we learned

  • After the reviewer deems the pull request worthy of merging, it is time to do so!
  • Sometimes the author does the merge, sometimes the reviewer. There are no strict rules here.
  • Merging the changes in GitHub updates the remote master branch.
  • Local master branches can be updated using git pull.
  • Again, all of this can be done using visual Git clients!