Setting up Control Room

Creating a safe environment for innovation and testing out features 💡

During the Beginners' course, you set up a production workspace in the RobotSpareBin Industries organization in Control Room. The production robot is humming along there just fine, filling in sales data happily ever after. You don't want to disturb it by pushing new features before properly testing them out to make sure everything works.

To avoid breaking the production robot, you decide to create a new workspace in the RobotSpareBin Industries Control Room organization. Having this "sandbox" to try out new features and changes gives you the freedom to iterate and experiment without the fear of breaking the current production robot.

Adding a development workspace in Control Room ⛅ī¸

Add a new Development workspace to the RobotSpareBin Industries organization. Replicate the steps from the Beginners' course, starting from Uploading the robot code to Control Room (upload the robot code from Visual Studio Code, create a new process, add the robot to the process as a step).

Replicating the production workspace structure and settings ↔ī¸

You want the newly created development workspace to resemble the production workspace as much as possible. If the development and production setups in Control Room match closely, and the robot works fine in the development setup, there's a high possibility that it will work in the production environment without much modification.

Test-driving the development robot 🤖

To verify the development setup works properly, you execute the current robot in the development workspace to make sure you did not miss any configuration when replicating the production settings. The robot seems to run fine, so it is time to start work on the current robot to make it even better than it already is. Let's go!

What we learned

  • Creating separate workspaces in Control Room for development and production is a great idea.
  • Having a safe place to test your robot before launching it to production will give you peace of mind!